Drink History: President’s Day


Soldiers on both sides of the American Revolution were given rum rations to keep them alert and fearless, and almost a decade before the infamous Boston Tea Party was The Sugar Act of 1764- which inhibited New England’s production of rum and sparked the flames of the revolution. The celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence included “50 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of Claret (British nickname for Bordeaux wines), and 22 bottles of Port”.

Alcohol is a big part of American history, and today on George Washington’s birthday- President’s Day- let’s examine the drinking habits of some of our nation’s Presidents.

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Peking Duck Day


Today is “Peking Duck Day”, and I wanted to pay homage to New York’s Peking Duck House, a staple in the wine community. This small Chinese restaurant on Mott Street (though I hear the Midtown location is nice too) has a BYOB policy 365 days a year with no corkage fee. Famed sommeliers, winemakers, and every New Yorker in the wine industry has had a wine dinner here, negating the assumption that Chinese food is difficult to pair with wine. Continue reading “Peking Duck Day”